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North Adams
North Adams

36 Chase & Barns Residency

Emerging Program member

The residency program welcomes individual applications from visual artists, curators, and art historians. It is primarily designed for 3 visual artists and 1 art historian at the masters to Ph.D. level. It is ideal for visual arts candidates who are recent MFA graduate students. Art historians who are conducting research and criticism specifically addressing the many overlooked contributions of female artists, artists of color and artists from the LGBTQ communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

The goal of the residency is to not only nurture, support, and promote the work and criticism of historically underrepresented artists and art historians, but to contribute work that will modify the current art history canon to be more inclusive and better reflect its true diversity.

The following residency terms are offered for 2018:
1) June-August (Application Deadline: March 31st)
2) September-November (Application Deadline: July 31st)
3) December-February (Application Deadline:August 30th)
4) March -May (Applicaiton Deadline: December 31st)

Alternate terms of at least 1 month and no more than 6 months are considered: SUBJECT TO SPACE AVAILABILITY

36 Chase & Barns participants are assigned studio spaces inside repurposed barns adjacent to the residence. During the 36 Chase & Barns residency, artists and art historians will have the opportunity to expand their network and carry out self-lead projects.

Apply on or before DEADLINE DATE via our online application (link below) and provide the following:

- Application form (online)
- Recent CV
- Portfolio (3-5 examples of your work in the medium relevant to your practice; images, video, audio, etc.
- An outline describing what you plan to accomplish during your residency (2-3 pgs)
- Artist statement - philosophy and practice (2-3 pgs)
- Two references/recommendations

Expectations of the visual artist residents:
- Exhibition
- Donation of an Artwork

Application deadlines will be extended based on available space. We do accept applications on a rolling- basis but priority is given to applications submitted by the deadline(s).

Applications may be submitted for alternate terms. All residency placements are based on availability.
The full-price residency fee is $$375/week, but MOST participants receive need-based and merit-based financial aid. There is no application fee.

Click here to apply:


North Adams, Massachusetts: United States

The 36 Chase & Barns residency program was created to support the work of historically underrepresented visual artists and art historians by providing them a space to create, research and write and a venue in which to exhibit and sell their art. That venue is Gallery 6/67, a commercial art gallery located in Orange County, California. Upon completion of the residency, the selected artists will participate in a group exhibition co-curated by the selected art historians in residence. 36 Chase & Barns is centrally located in North Adams within a 5-minute walk from MASS MoCA (one of the largest contemporary art museums in the US) and a bustling downtown business district. You’ll find shopping, coffee shops, local eateries, fine dining, and even a hot yoga studio. Nestled in the lush green valley are renovated 19th-century mills and churches and a burgeoning arts community.

Contact Information

177 Huntington Ave. #1700-6024
Boston, Massachusetts 02115
United States