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Gallery space at Clemente

Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center

The Clemente was founded by literary and performing artists from Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and the Dominican Republic in 1993. Recognizing the important place that Latinos, in particular Puerto Ricans and Dominicans, played in the immigrant history of the Lower East Side, and its relation to earlier waves of immigrant influx - Eastern European Jewish, Irish, German, inter alia - the founders opened the Clemente to artists representing a nearly unlimited sense of place.

Artists in residence at the Clemente have been, and are, Cuban-Puerto Rican, Puerto Rican-Mexican, Peruvian, Colombian, Venezuelan, Japanese, Korean, Tunisian, Uzbekhi, Catalan, Basque, Cherokee, Iowan and Oklahoman, among others. Performing artists in residence work in capoeira, puppetry, children's theater, bi-lingual Spanish-English theater, tri-lingual Spanish-English-Mandarin Shakespeare, African percussion and tap, contemporary dance, arts in the schools, and more. Residencies open up on a rolling basis throughout the year, sometimes for shared, and sometimes for single occupants, studios.

Applications are evaluated for 11 categories on a grid, including Mission Fit, Artistic Excellence, Contribution to Community, Financial Need, Level of Academic Achievement, Multiculturalism/Sense of Place, among others. A subjective factor is also considered in the area of website or portfolio evalauation. A panel of 7 members - 2 Clemente board members who are resident artists, 2 Clemente board members who are not resident artists, & 3 non-board members who are local professional members of the arts community-reviews applications. Residencies are supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.


New York, New York: United States

The Clemente is located on Manhattan's increasingly vibrant Lower East Side, in a former P.S. 160 built in 1897 in a Collegiate Gothic style by architect C.B.J. Snyder, renowned for building 406 of these buildings for the NYC Department of Education. It consists of 100,000 square feet, 88,000 usable, divided into 43 visual art studios, 12 not-for-profit arts organizations, 3 rehearsal rooms, 3 galleries, 4 theaters, and a bar (under development.)


  • Application type: Open application
  • Collaboration: May apply as a team
  • Geography: Open to US artists, Open to non-US artists
  • Application Ongoing: Yes

Facilities & Services

  • Meals: No meals/food provided
  • Accessibility: no

Residency Fees

Long-term residents pay $1-2 per sq ft for residency terms varying from 1 month to 10 years, the latter dedicated to those artists who "homesteaded" the center at its founding in 1993. (Market rate is minmally considered to be $4 per sq ft.)

Stipends / other support

Subsidized space is the major support given to artists. Free gallery space to organize exhibitions is also provided. Curators may also apply for admission to the Multicultural Curators Program, which pays a $500 fee plus up to $200 for materials, framing, and shipping.

Additional expectations / opportunities

The Clemente is owned by the City of New York, whose two major criteria for admission to the center are identified as artistic excellence, and commitment or contribution to community. The latter is defined in various ways.

Contact Information

107 Suffolk Street Room 312
New York, New York 10002
United States
Tel: 2122604080