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November 28, 2018

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November 28, 2018

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The fountain just outside the Casitas
Living room in Gardenside
Gardenside Kitchen
Farm Views...
BonBon the burro...

Summers Day Ranch


Summers Day Ranch is a place of rich cross-fertilization: the luxuriant soil grows beautiful fruits and delicious vegetables, artists meet and mingle with each other, cerulean sky touches verdant earth at horizon's edge. We are a Ranch of ideas and beauty making; home to ancient wisdom, mountain-ringed wild flower meadows and huge cactus filled bosques in an old, old, volcano-formed valley…a peaceful, lively sanctuary for butterflies, hummingbirds and songbirds…a place to celebrate and acknowledge the past and present, while you dream and make your future.

Let the Ranch nurture you, inspire you, spark and ignite your creativity.

The Ranch renews us daily. Wake to a magnificent sunrise, long and lazy: in these mountains you wait and when the sun comes over the mountains and shines into your space, it is a special time, a chance to reshape and redefine where you are in your creative life, in a gentle and beautiful circumstance.

Here you will have time to ponder, to rest, to experience living history in day to day life: where 4500 years of history is played out for you in the form of right Now.

In our nearby town of San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO World Treasure, you can walk the cobblestone streets, enjoy the social pizzazz of the Jardin, our zocalo, set to Mariachi music...towered over by the magnificent Parochia, a fabulously ornate, salmon pink Cathedral. There is always something happening in town!

Art galleries and arts galore: see vibrant frescos, world-class tin work, artisans in glass and clay and hand-woven fabric, hidden courtyards filled with flowers, angels in the architecture, carved mermaids and taco stands where delicious fragrances sizzle towards you, invite you...the Beauty is symphonic!

Then back home, to the take all you've seen and heard and tasted and received...and turn it back into the that you may give...


San Miguel de Allende: Mexico

At Summers Day Ranch, we offer the peace and beauty of a rural retreat, egrets and cormorants on the wing, situated in the fertile valley between the Los Picacho mountains, 10 miles from enchanting, and visually and aurally magnificent San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO World Treasure . We enjoy 330 days of sunshine, with an average daily temperature of 80˚F, and a comfortable sleeping, night time temperature of 50˚F. Coyote's song under a starry sky, round the bonfire, chatting about your day’s work along with other artists.  Every artist has a completely private apartment, or small Zen house, or perhaps our new 1 bedroom Studio sunny and beautiful, with a lovely workspace, full kitchen, gardens, Life at Summers Day Ranch, under the beautiful morning sun, is a fabulous place to get creative juices flowing. Our gardens are Eden! This valley is magnificent, our drinking water is absolutely pure. And the air as well. We invite every artist to share their work, and enjoy fireside conversation in the evening. Or have solitude as desired. At Summers Day Ranch, producing art is not a pre-requisite, should an artist decide to rest, walk, read, and dream, ponder, it is all a celebrated part of the creative process, and we understand that: we want each artist to have the rich, soul-feeding time that fits THEM! That is what we, at Summers Day Ranch, are about.

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5802 Bob Bullock Loop
Ste C1 - #84 PO 156
Laredo, Texas 78045
United States